World Hypertension Day in Nepal being marked today

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World Hypertension Day in Nepal being marked today

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Hypertension Day

World Hypertension Day is being marked today in Nepal as well, with numerous official and non-government initiatives taking place.

Since 2005, the Day has been commemorated on May 17th, stressing the importance of monitoring blood pressure and raising global awareness about it.

According to experts, changing lifestyles, hectic days, and a growing culture of consuming packaged and processed foods are among the key reasons contributing to the rise in occurrences of hypertension, which is entirely avoidable.

According to the Nepal Demographic and Health Survey 2016, hypertension is a major problem for Nepalis.

“In Nepal, 17% of women and 23% of men are hypertensive,” according to the survey. To treat high blood pressure, doctors recommend eating a nutritious diet, doing regular physical activity, decreasing stress, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and getting enough sleep.

The problem is especially widespread in cities.

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