Unlock the Secret to Growing a Thriving Lucky bamboo Plant


Unlock the Secret to Growing a Thriving Lucky bamboo Plant

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Lucky Bamboo

Discover the Secrets to Growing and Decorating with Lucky bamboo – From Planting to Care Tips and Vastu Insights!

The practice of decorating Lucky bamboo in the home, garden, and room has grown in recent years. It not only beautifies the space, but it is also said to bring pleasure and wealth to the home.

Lucky bamboo may be grown in both water and soil. It may be grown in pots with only clean water. According to Dilip Bade, proprietor of Jai Kisan Nursery in Nepal, it may also be planted in pots and gardens by combining coconut, soil, and compost.

Lucky Bamboo plant indoor

How should I plant?

You may plant it in water to adorn the table within your home. The plant will not germinate correctly if you do this. If the plant is little larger, it can be placed in soil.Its plants are not native to Nepal and must be imported from outside. After it has developed sufficiently, it may be transplanted by cutting.

It is, however, of several species. However, Nepal has four species. Spinning around ‘Spinal Lucky bamboo,’ one species grows in bunches, another on a single plant, and the other is Lucky bamboo with strong spines and short stems. It has a unique form and size.

What type of vase or pot do you require?

For a little fortunate bembo, a bowl-shaped vase is ideal. A well-shaped vase is required if it is tall. It may be planted in 4-5 inch to 7-8 inch pots if put in soil.

It may grow up to eight feet tall if planted in soil. You have to keep cutting it when placing it in a vase to place on the table.

Lucky Bamboo plant

Which orientation or location in the house should it be kept?

Instead of Vastu, the Lucky bamboo in the vase is put on the working table. If planted in a pot, it may be placed anywhere it pleases. It should be kept in a location away from direct sunlight.

Is it preferable to store it in water or soil?

It looks nice in water, but it is preferable to put it in soil. When planted in water, it dies in one to two years but persists for a long period when planted in soil.

Compost should be added once a month if Lucky bamboo is planted in soil. Watering once every 15 days during the winter months is sufficient, while once a week throughout the summer. If you keep it in a vase, replace the water once a week.

Lucky Bamboo roots

What is the plant’s cost?

Lucky bamboo plants cost between 100 and 1200 rupees each plant when purchased in bunches. A huge bunch should be formed by nurturing numerous plants to prepare Lucky bamboo in an appealing arrangement. It may be made more appealing by tying it with colorful thread ribbons.

What precautions should be taken?

  • If Lucky bamboo is kept in water, make sure the water does not grow unclean. The stems will decay if the water becomes filthy.
  • The water should be changed once a week. You should keep drinking water rather than table water.
  • If dust accumulates on its leaves and stems, it should be cleaned off from time to time. When wiping, use a soft, damp cloth.
  • It should be stored in a well-lit area away from direct sunlight.

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