Myagdi: A new source of hot Spring water discovered

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Myagdi: A new source of hot Spring water discovered

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Myagdi hot spring water
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A new spring of Hot water has been found in Annapurna rural municipality-2 of Myagdi. At the foot of the hill below the village of Katunje and on the banks of the Kali Gandaki River, a spring with natural hot water has been found.

Gam Bahadur Ramjali of Dowa Bensi said that after seeing the steam rising in the Bagar near the confluence of Kali Gandaki and Dowa River across the Beni-Jomsom road, a spring of hot water was found while digging.

‘After seeing the steam rising in the Riverside and the water getting colder, we found a spring of hot water by digging with a shovel and a shovel’, he said, ‘We have made a pool where three or four people can dip their bodies at a time and take a bath.’

The spring of water coming out of the ground at a temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius is located across the Dowa Bensi in Ward No. 1 of Annapurna Rural Municipality and the Bhirkate section of the Beni-Jomsom road. Residents of Dowa have started going to bathe in the same hot water.

67-year-old Lalmaya Purja of Dowa, who came to bathe in the hot water, said that the water smelled like boiled egg and salt. I remember drowning in the hot water pool here when I was little. Later, the spring was buried, she said, ‘after 55-60 years, the spring was found again, so he came to bathe.’

Residents of Dowa, Sunari, and Katunje used to bathe in the hot water here and benefit from their health. It is believed that taking a bath in a hot water pool will cure injuries, swelling, gravel, gastric, and other health problems.

The hot water that is found now rises up from the ground. The source of hot water is moderate. 20 to 25 people can take a bath if they can make a proper pool.

Ward President of Annapurna Rural Municipality-2 Omprakash Fagami said that preparations have been made for the protection and management of the newly discovered spring of Tatopani.

‘Local residents have demanded the protection and management of hot water’, he said.

The protection and management of Tatopani springs identified earlier in Dowa Sekarku, Bhurung, Paudwar, and Ratopani of Annapurna rural municipality have been going on. Similarly, Singa of Beni Municipality-4, Darmija of Raghuganga Rural Municipality-4, Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality-1 Gurja and Ward No. 4 Tatopani Kund in Bagar have been used as natural healing places.

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