7 Post-Meal Mistakes to Avoid


7 Post-Meal Mistakes to Avoid

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Meal Mistakes to Avoid

Have you ever felt like you’re not getting enough nutrition after eating a healthy meal? If you feel like your body lacks energy or feels heavy, it might be due to some mistakes you make after eating. While it’s important to consume nutritious food, it’s equally important to pay attention to the process. Here are seven common mistakes people make after eating:

  1. Drinking water immediately after eating: Drinking water immediately after a meal slows down the digestive process, making it difficult to digest food. It can cause abdominal bloating, loss of appetite, and fat accumulation in the stomach. Wait at least half an hour after eating before drinking water.
  2. Eating fruits after meals: While fresh fruits are beneficial for the body, eating them right after a meal can cause digestive problems, and acidity, and prevent the body from absorbing all the nutritional elements from the food.
  3. Smoking right after eating: Smoking immediately after a meal is extremely harmful to health. It can cause irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers due to the carcinogens present in cigarettes.
  4. Bathing or swimming immediately after eating: Doing any physical activity immediately after a meal can interfere with the digestion process. Bathing or swimming causes cold water to fall on the body, weakening the stomach and slowing down digestion.
  5. Exercising or jumping after eating: Physical activity after a meal can cause vomiting, dizziness, flatulence, fatigue, and heart problems. The only exercise that can be done after eating is Vajrasana, which helps in the digestive process.
  6. Consuming chia, coffee, or cold drinks after eating: Drinking tea or coffee after a meal hinders the digestion process and can cause ulcers due to the caffeine present in them. Eating cold food immediately after a hot meal can affect the body’s temperature.
  7. Sleeping immediately after eating: Sleeping after a meal can cause stomach problems and obesity. The food will not be properly digested, leading to the formation of toxins, increased cholesterol, and polluted blood.

What to do after eating?

After eating, sit in Vajrasana for five minutes to aid digestion and balanced blood flow in the brain. Take a short walk after dinner to help digest food well. It’s beneficial to consume spicy foods like cardamom, sukmel, soup, or mishri after eating. Avoid using mobile phones while lying down after eating as it can disturb the digestive process.

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